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Benefits and Effects of Cannabis Edibles

What Are Cannabis Edibles? Benefits and Effects of Consuming Cannabis Edibles

You may be quite familiar with smoking or vaping as cannabis consumption methods. Did you know that cannabis can also be taken as food or drink? Edibles are cannabis-infused food or beverages. They contain cannabinoids such as THC and CBD and are incredible alternatives to cannabis taken in through your lungs.

Cannabis edible may be foreign to some, but this weed consumption method has been around for ages. Those who can’t smoke or vape weed due to medical restrictions turn to edibles to experience weed. You may find many edibles dispensaries in California, proving that it is a mainstay for many.

Read through this blog to learn more about cannabis, its different forms, benefits, effects, and more.

What are cannabis edibles?

Cannabis edibles are any food or drink that has cannabis compounds. They can be gummies, cookies, mints, ice cream, sodas, juice, tonics, or more. Depending on the cannabinoid and its dose, it may or may not intoxicate you. 

Edibles with CBD compounds are non-intoxicating. They provide relief and balance when combined with THC. Meanwhile, edibles with dominant THC compounds bring about relaxing and euphoric feelings. Combined with another cannabis compound, CBN, they make the best edibles for anxiety and insomnia. 

These cannabis-infused drinks and food have both recreational and medical benefits. They usually help manage anxiety, chronic pain, poor appetite, weight, insomnia, and more. 

Different Types of Cannabis Edibles

Edibles come in many forms, sizes, colors, flavors, and even elements. That’s one reason many prefer edibles over other ways to consume cannabis. It’s fun, and some barely have the taste of marijuana. Here are five of the most popular types of cannabis edibles:


Gummies are the most common type of edibles. They come in different colors and shapes. Most of them taste and look like typical gummies and candies. However, doses differ, so you should check the label before enjoying them. 


You can also eat cannabis in the form of classic chocolate. Chocolate edibles are an absolute must for cannabis lovers since chocolates are everyone’s favorite. You can find them in many varieties – white, dark, brown, or any other chocolate flavor.

Baked Goods 

Edibles in the form of baked goods include cookies, brownies, pancakes, muffins, and more. You can readily buy them at dispensaries online. However, many cannabis users prefer making their one cannabis baked goods at home. 


Mints are edibles you consume under your tongue or cheek wall. They are easily absorbed through your bloodstream and kick in much faster than other edibles. Physically, mints and other candies look exactly like the normal ones. Hence, proper storage is necessary to prevent children from mistakenly eating them. The same goes for different types of edible gummies.


This type of edible particularly appeals to many cannabis users. They’re a fun, upgraded way of enjoying a glass of wine or soda. Nowadays, you can also enjoy juice and energy drinks mixed with cannabis. You can find ready-to-drink weed-infused beverages in the market, but you can also mix them yourself at home.

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How do edibles work?

Edibles are food and drinks with cannabis compounds that you eat or drink. Most forms of edibles have to go through your digestive system. Once digested, they enter your bloodstream and activate. Because of this, they take longer to kick in than when you vape or smoke.

When you smoke weed, you light them to activate the cannabis compounds. With edibles, the compounds had to undergo decarboxylation before mixing them with any food. This step is a must, especially when you make your own edibles at home.

This cannabis consumption method may take longer to activate, but its effects last particularly long.  

Benefits of Edibles

Edibles offer a lot of benefits, recreationally and medically. Several health benefits are associated with consuming edibles. After all, cannabis is legally prescribed in many countries to manage some medical conditions. One of them is helping manage pain. 

Cannabis products help relieve chronic pain. According to a recent study, edibles with high THC-to-CBD ratios may offer short-term pain relief. This is still debatable; however, most marijuana users admit they do so to manage pain. With the prevalence of chronic pain among adults in the United States, marijuana has been a tremendous help in getting them through their daily lives.

Edibles also help with managing anxiety and insomnia. CBD-dominant edibles can help those with social anxiety, while edibles with higher THC levels can help manage stress on lower doses. 

Cannabis also helps manage inflammation. Hence, many attest it helps those with arthritis and similar conditions. Other benefits of cannabis edibles include reducing nausea, helping treat weight conditions, controlling muscle spasms, and relaxation. 

FAQs About Cannabis Edibles

Here is more information about cannabis edibles that you may want to know.

How long do edibles take to kick in?

Edibles are easier to consume than vaping, but they take longer to take effect. The time it kicks in depends on the principal compound, dose, and form.

THC edibles take 30-60 minutes to kick in. CBD-based ones take even longer. Most times, they peak without intoxication, so you barely notice it. Digested edibles (such as cookies) need one to two hours to onset effect; the ones your mouth absorbs (such as lollipops) take effect faster. Higher doses also kick in faster than lesser ones.

The high stays much longer than when you vape or smoke. You may wait an hour between doses to avoid getting overwhelmed or overdosing. 

Why do edibles take longer to kick in than smoking?

Unlike smoking or vaping, the cannabis compounds in edibles must be digested and metabolized before reaching the bloodstream. The kick tends to be more potent because of the onset time. If you become impatient and take dose after dose, the effect can be more potent for you to handle.

How to make edibles work faster?

You may consume edibles on an empty stomach for considerably quicker effects. Food can delay the onset of the high; therefore, ingesting cannabis with less food in the stomach helps. You may also prefer edibles that are absorbed sublingually rather than digested. Examples include lollipops, candies, mint strips, and tinctures. 

Can edibles make you sleep?

Many people use cannabis edibles as a sleeping aid. So yes, edibles can make you sleep. CBN, one of the cannabinoid compounds in edibles, has sedating properties promoting sleep. It works best when combined with THC, which can shorten the time required to fall asleep. Consume edibles at least 30 minutes before bedtime for optimal results.

How to make edibles?

Although there are ready-made edibles in the market, you can also make one at home. You can make cannabutter, one of the most famous homemade cannabis edibles. You can make weed brownies, bacon, tea, milk, and even ice cream. You typically make them by picking and decarboxylating a strain before mixing it with your favorite treat.

Can edibles expire?

Most edibles have up to six-month shelf life. During this time, they are fresh and safe for consumption. However, some edibles, such as baked goods, have a shorter shelf life. You can put them in the freezer to keep them fresh.  

Where to buy edibles online legally? 

There are a lot of dispensaries online and in California that sell cannabis edibles. However, you must keep an eye on those who sell them safely and legally. Greenstone is one California dispensary that sells safe and legal edibles. Greenstone ensures edibles and other weed products are lab tested and legally sourced.

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In Conclusion

Cannabis edibles are a great substitute for smoking or vaping cannabis. They are easier and even more fun to consume. You may choose from different flavours and forms of gummies or drink them in soda, wine, or juice. 

Mixing cannabis with food or drink does not mean they no longer have benefits. If any, consuming them gives you an advantage, as most edibles already have the doses indicated on their label. You know how much you must consume to help with your anxiety or insomnia or to help you relax. Edibles are also proven to help relieve chronic pain.

Although you must wait at least half an hour for the marijuana to enter your bloodstream and activate, the effect stays in your system longer than many expect. You must wait for this to happen before taking another dose. Remember that moderation is always key. 

If you are looking for CBD or THC edibles dispensary near me in California, look no further than Greenstone to order your cannabis edibles. Safety is always a priority when consuming cannabis. With Greenstone, you can ensure all cannabis products are high quality, lab-tested, and legally sourced.

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