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Cannabis Strains For Anxiety

What Are the Best Cannabis Strains for Anxiety?

Anxiety isn’t easy to live with. If not managed, it worsens and interferes with your work, school, and even relationships. And many of those who suffer from anxiety turn to cannabis to manage its symptoms.

Coupled with therapy, cannabis helps calm your nerves and relax. It has properties that help defeat anxiety and improve mood. However, not all cannabis strains help alleviate your nervousness. Some may cause more harm than good if you ignore their CBD to THC levels ratio and dosage.

So before we dive into the best CBD strains for anxiety, let’s first discuss the primary active compounds of cannabis — Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).


The main difference between CBD and THC is that the latter is psychoactive, and the former isn’t. THC tends to leave you euphoric and intoxicated. Meanwhile, almost everyone can tolerate CBD well. Therefore, high CBD strains are ideally more helpful when trying to defeat anxiety.

There are exceptions, however, as different people have different tolerances, and not every dose works for every person.

Best Cannabis Strains for Anxiety

ACDC Strain for Anxiety
ACDC has one of the ideal CBD-to-THC ratios at 20:1. They say it’s the best choice for those who experience chronic pain, stress, and high anxiety levels.

This CBD-dominant strain will leave you feeling relaxed and happy without getting you high. It’s ideal for THC-sensitive individuals with concerns about feeling euphoric or intoxicated. It also relieves muscle tension and calms the nerves; thus, many people consider this strain therapeutic.

Jack Herer Strain for Anxiety
Jack Herer is another strain that helps defeat anxiety. You will find this strain uplifting and super relaxing despite being Sativa-dominant.

Sativa varieties aren’t usually considered cannabis strains for anxiety because of their high THC content. Still, this award-winning strain proved to help ease stress and anxiety. It has just the right balance of cerebral and physical effects, thus leaving you happy and uplifted.

Despite defying the cardinal CBD:THC ratio, Jack Herrer has become a staple cannabis strain for managing anxiety symptoms.

Harle Tsu Strain for Anxiety
Another award-winning strain, Harle Tsu, is a hybrid of two well-known cannabis strains — Harlequin and Sour Tsunami. Experts carefully bred this to have a high CBD content.

With less than 1% THC content, you’ll have no chance of getting high from smoking this strain. When you’re feeling down, it will help lift your mood. It also works well when getting some sleep, as it lowers your anxiety and enables you to relax.

Ringo’s Gift Strain for Anxiety
Ringo’s gift isn’t an overly energetic strain, but it does an excellent job of easing anxiety. It leaves you calm but cognitively focused — a superb gift indeed.

Interestingly, Cannabis clubs in Barcelona name Ringo’s gift their favorite. They find the strain helpful when trying to have a good relaxing time with friends or simply socialize.

A notable effect of this strain is total body relaxation. Although Ringo’s gift comes in a range of ratios, you can get many in 24:1 CBD/THC.

Purple Urk Strain for Anxiety
Purple Urk is popular among cannabis patients due to its strong potential for pain relief. THC levels can reach high percentages, but many claims it calms the body and mind and eliminates negative thoughts.

Its THC-to-CBD ratio could exceed 200:1. Hence, expert users strongly advise novices to take no more than two hits, much like any Indica marijuana strains for anxiety.

This strain is known to help users in their anxious or stressful times. It induces relaxation, sleepiness, happiness, and calmness, among other positive effects.

Remedy Strain for Anxiety
The name of this strain pretty much says it all. It grants lasting relief from physical or mental discomfort. However, it has no relevant THC amount to leave you high or intoxicated. Remedy takes your anxiety down by providing you with mellow relaxation.

THC levels range from 0.7% to 1% in lab testing. Meanwhile, CBD levels reach 12% to 16%. Inhaling its lemon-pine scent melts your stress away within minutes. You can trust Remedy to deliver you mental and physical relaxation.

Granddaddy Purple Strain for Anxiety
Cannabis users consider Granddaddy Purple the best strain to kill anxiety. Given its high THC content of 20-27%, this is in no way surprising. As a result, beginners should be cautious when experimenting with this strain for anxiety relief.

Granddaddy Purple, or GDP, is also known for its powerful scent and sweet grape flavor. It quickly falls you into a profound state of relaxation, but this shortly fades into a smooth body fuzz. Nevertheless, its cerebral rush reminds you to start slow to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Sour Tsunami Strain for Anxiety
It’s impossible not to mention Sour Tsunami when talking about CBD-dominant strains. It is one of the first specifically bred to have a high CBD content that could go as high as 30. No wonder it’s popular among medicinal cannabis users.

Although primarily used to relieve pain, you can also use Sour Tsunami to distract and take your mind off of stressful situations. You will gain a clear head and feel less anxious. Users report that its CBD balance gave them a truly calming effect.

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Choosing the Best Cannabis Strains for Anxiety

When negative memories or scenarios keep playing in your head, it’s tempting to reach for any cannabis strain you can get your hands on to block them out. However, selecting the best cannabis strain to help you manage your anxiety requires more than just looking at what’s available.

Again, experts advise looking at the strain’s CBD-to-THC ratio. Both active compounds decrease anxiety. However, CBD reduces stress or anxiety at all dosages, but THC likely increases them with higher doses. 

With this, you may be wondering how high CBD strains are recommended, but there are THC-high strains that made it to the list above. This is when experimentation and consulting come into play.

Aside from looking at lists and research on the best CBD strains for anxiety, it’s also crucial to always start slow and work your way up. You can follow the recommended ratio if you’re a novice and unsure what’s ideal for you. But as doses work differently for every person, you can experiment — gradually — to find the right mix that fits you. Also, keep your limits in mind.

Final Takeaway

Before you decide which CBD-high strains you’ll pick to help manage your anxiety, keep in mind that cannabis isn’t treatment, nor will it replace therapy. While it appears to help lower your stress and anxiety, more peer-reviewed studies are still needed to support its effectiveness concretely. 

These days, you don’t have to worry about asking doctors for recommendations, as most of them recognize medical marijuana use. This way, you can receive proper assessments before you visit and shop at your trusted cannabis stores

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