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🍪 Munchie Monday 🍪

Munchie Monday; 10% off all edibles

Munchie Monday
Valid Till 05/03/2025

🧪Tincture Tuesday🧪

10% off all tincture and topicals

Tincture Tuesday
Valid Till 05/03/2025

✨Wild Wednesday✨

Wild Wednesday; 10% off

Wild Wednesday
Valid Till 05/03/2025

🚬Tokin Thursday🚬

Tokin Thursday; 10% off all pre-roll

Tokin Thursday
Valid Till 05/03/2025

🔥Flower Friday🔥

Flower Friday; 10% off all flower

Flower Friday
Valid Till 05/03/2025

🎆Shatter Saturday🎆.

Shatterday Saturday; 10% off all concentrates

Shatter Saturday
Valid Till 05/03/2025

🧨Smokin' Sunday🧨

Smokin' Sunday; 10% off all vapes

Smokin' Sunday
Valid Till 05/03/2025