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How to Use a Dab Rig Perfectly?

If you’re into dabbing, you would know the importance of using a dab rig. 

Apart from being a healthy substitute for smoking, a dab rig is purposefully designed to consume a highly potent form of cannabis called concentrates or distillates.

Also known as dabs, these cannabis concentrates are made by extracting and mixing different types of compounds such as THC, cannabinoids, and terpenes that are found naturally in the cannabis plant family.

As such, dabs are available in a variety of strengths and flavors depending on the product or brand. 

Regardless, dabs are usually resinous which makes them highly viscous and sticky in texture like wax or oil.

And that’s where dab rigs come into the picture.

What is a Dab Rig?

A dab rig, also known as a concentrate rig, is a type of water pipe typically made of glass that is used to inhale cannabis extracts in a purely vaporized form in a process called ‘dabbing’.

Similar to vaping, it involves vaporizing cannabis concentrates and inhaling them using a dab rig or similar device such as a dab pen or dab straw.

 But unlike vaping which may be used for inhaling either cannabis flowers or concentrates; dabbing is strictly limited to the latter in the likes of hash oil, wax, budder, or shatter.

As one of the most popular ways of consuming high-quality weed concentrates, there are several benefits of using a dab rig compared to vaping and smoking.

Benefits of Using a Dab Rig

Since dab rigs are specifically designed for consuming highly potent cannabis concentrates, they are made to give you the best experience compared to other methods of dabbing.

Enabled with all the tools and features that you may require for a seamless session, a dab rig offers several benefits such as:

  1. High potency and efficiency

Known for their high THC value of 60-90%, dabs are extremely efficient when it comes to giving you the much-needed ‘high’.

Available in a variety of strengths, certain dabs known as distillates can have even more than 90% pure THC making them one of the most powerful forms of concentrates.

  1. A wide range of flavors 

Dabs come in a wide range of flavors to suit the needs and palate of every user. Thanks to the high amounts of terpenes (the compound that gives the flower its original flavor and aroma), dabs offer a much more nuanced and rich taste portfolio.

Perfect for those who don’t want the earthy smell of cannabis flowers.

  1. Super-fast absorption thus a higher bioavailability

Unlike eating or drinking which naturally takes a longer time to digest, dabbing produces its effects almost too immediately or in an instant.

Faster absorption makes it a good option for people who take cannabis strictly for medicinal purposes.

  1. Custom-made solutions for enthusiastic potheads

Not only can you choose between different types of strengths and flavors of concentrates, but you can also select or customize your dab rig set-up the way you like it.

  1. Safe and healthy

Dabbing is often claimed to be a healthier and safer option than smoking and vaping.

Unlike smoking, it does not involve any combustion or burning of cannabis content whatsoever. While heating the concentrates at lower temperatures, a dab rig produces the smoothest vapors that are less harmful to your throat and lungs. 

  1. Lack of wastage saves the product

As expensive as they may get, dabs are usually more potent than other forms of cannabis concentrates. As such, you’d like to use them with utmost responsibility.

The good news is that due to the scientific designs of dab-rigs, they do not waste any serious amount of material during heating, vaporization, and subsequent inhaling.

All you need is some training and experience in handling the dab rig first-hand to be able to use it correctly.

To do that, make sure you have the right elements to start with.

Elements Required for a Dab Rig Setup

A dab rig, generally, has 4-5 essential components, also available separately, they can be joined together to complete a similar set-up.

Aside from your favorite dab or cannabis concentrate, here’s what you would need:

  • A dab rig is a glass water pipe or device that looks like a small chemical flask meant to contain water. Ideally filled up to 3/4th size of the chamber, it is the water that cools down and filters the vapor for safe inhaling. 
  • A Dab nail or banger is an inbuilt or additional tool that you can buy separately as well. Made of quartz, ceramic, or titanium, it refers to the heating element that is used for vaporizing the cannabis content.
  • Dabber/ Pick looks like a small spoon or shovel that is used for scooping out or handling your precious weed concentrates when applying it over the heated nail.
  • Torch or e-nail is the advanced mechanism of traditional bangers. Enhanced with built-in heating equipment and precise temperature control, an e-nail helps provide a consistent and seamless vaporization of cannabis content without having to do it manually. 
  • A Carb Cap or dome functions just like a lid on a stove and keeps the moisture or vapors from getting out of the dab rig. Place it over the nail before inhaling

What to Look for When Buying a Dab Rig?

Dab rigs come in various styles and sizes from portable on-the-go dab pens and straws to vaporizers and nectar collectors of all sorts. Starting from $30 or so, they may cost tens of thousands of dollars for high-end dab rigs better known as “heady glass.”

Available online as well as offline at retail shops and stores that deal in cannabis, dab rigs come with either a traditional torch or an e-nail.

Certain factors to look for when buying a dab rig include:

  • The right size, gender, and portability (if needed).
  • The type of material- glass, silicone, or quartz (glass being the most common and effective for smooth dabbing).
  • Number and type of percolators (showerhead, honeycomb, or turbine)- for filtering and cooling the vapor.
  • Brand and reputation of the dab rig.
  • Additional accessories (if any).
  • And most importantly, your budget.

Speaking of which, let’s not waste any portion of your hard-earned cannabis during your dabbing sessions. 

How to Portion Your Dabs?

As insignificant as they may look in appearance, dabs are much more potent than flowers and other forms of cannabis.

Stuffed with up to 90% THC, the tiniest bit of these rich cannabis concentrates can give you a solid hit in no time.

So start with the tiniest dab of it that your dabber allows. Understand that there is a reason why most dab tools are extremely small and tiny.

Along with the quantity, you should also be mindful of using your dab rig responsibly.

How to Use a Dab Rig?

Using a dab rig is similar to using a bong except that there is no bowl.

As simple as they are, readymade dab rigs can be utilized in a few basic steps:

1. Add water to the dab rig.

2. Heat the nail or torch if it is a traditional one.

3. Let it cool down a bit and apply the concentrate as too hot of a nail will burn it in no time.

4. In the case of an e-nail, place the required amount of concentrate on it first and then torch it at precise and moderate temperatures to avoid overheating.

5. Now cover the carb cap and inhale the vapors.

Enjoy! And don’t forget to clean it. 

How to Clean a Dab Rig?

Cleaning a dab rig of any residue post-use is pretty important should you want it to work for long, get the right taste, and have maximum effects every time.

Apart from that, cleaning it regularly ensures that it is free from any fungi or rust. Thus, safe for consumption and further usage.

Still, it all depends on how often you use it. For occasional users, cleaning it properly once a month is recommended. For daily dabbers though, daily cleaning is the price you need to pay to keep your tools healthy.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Deep clean all the parts that can be detached, separately!
  • Use a Q-tip to clean the nail of any traces of carbon, oil, or particulate matter.
  • Heat the banger or e-nail to burn off any remnants, then scrape it to clean.
  • Dip a cotton swab in alcohol to remove any resin leftovers.
  • Soak your banger directly in alcohol for some time and then rinse it off with warm water and a piece of dry cloth.

Tips for an Optimal Dab Experience

While it all depends on your individual needs and preferences, dabbing is still a delicate business. From choosing the right type of equipment to dosage to maintaining the right temperature (usually between 300°F and 700°F), everything matters!

  • So choose your poison carefully both in terms of the dab set-up as well as the type of concentrates.
  • Start slow with the minimum quantity that you can take with a dabber.
  • Always go for high-quality concentrates.
  • Learn the right techniques for dabbing.
  • Get the best dabbing tools.
  • clean them regularly.

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