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How Long Does an Edible High Last


Cannabis-infused edibles have become increasingly popular as a discrete and convenient way to consume cannabis. Unlike smoking or vaping, edibles offer a different experience, with effects that take longer to onset but often last much longer. The extended duration of edibles can be desirable for some, but also unpredictable and intense for others. This article aims to provide a comprehensive look at the timeline and duration of edible effects, including the onset, peak high, and offset. We’ll explore the many factors that can influence the length and intensity of an edible high, and offer practical tips for managing edible experiences responsibly. While edibles offer long-lasting effects, understanding how to navigate their extended duration is key to avoiding unwanted experiences.

How Long Does it Take For an Edible Take Effect

The onset of effects from cannabis edibles typically occurs between 30 minutes to 2 hours after ingestion. This window can vary significantly based on a number of key factors:

Dosage– Higher doses will generally result in a longer onset time. THC takes longer to absorb when larger amounts are ingested. Lower doses may kick in within 30-60 minutes.

Metabolism – Individual metabolism plays a big role. Those with faster metabolic rates tend to feel effects sooner. Slower metabolisms can delay onset by over an hour. 

Food digestion – Eating edibles on an empty stomach leads to faster absorption and quicker onset of effects. If taken shortly after a meal, especially a large or fatty meal, onset can be delayed as the body is focused on digesting food.

The interaction of these factors makes it challenging to pinpoint exactly when an edible will take effect. Consumers should be aware it may take over 2 hours to fully feel a dose, especially on a full stomach. Patience is warranted when ingesting edibles.

How Long Can An Edible High Last?

The total duration of the psychoactive effects from consuming cannabis edibles is usually 6-8 hours, though it can vary significantly based on dosage and individual factors. 

Higher doses of edibles will extend the duration of the high. Consuming a very large dose of THC can result in effects lasting 8-12 hours or more. This prolonged duration is due to the way THC is metabolized when ingested through the digestive system, as opposed to inhaled. 

The speed of a person’s metabolism can also impact how long the edible high lasts. Those with faster metabolisms will process THC more quickly, leading to a shorter duration of effects. People with slower metabolisms may feel the effects for a more extended period. Genetic differences in metabolism as well as lifestyle factors like diet and exercise levels can influence metabolic rates.

Additionally, regular cannabis consumers who have built up a tolerance will likely experience a shorter edible high duration than new users or those who consume infrequently. The body develops a tolerance to the effects of THC over time, which leads to faster processing and shorter duration

Edibles Dosage Considerations

Proper dosing is important for managing the duration of an edible high. It’s recommended to start with a low dose containing 5-10mg of THC. Consuming cannabis edibles can produce very different effects compared to smoking or vaping, so it’s best to be cautious with dosage, especially for first-time users. 

Higher doses of THC tend to prolong the effects and duration of the high. Edibles containing 50mg of THC or more can lead to much longer-lasting effects that may last 8 hours or more. Beginning with a low dose gives you a chance to gauge your tolerance and sensitivity before increasing the amount. It also reduces the risk of negative side effects like anxiety or paranoia, which are more likely on very high doses.

Edibles from dispensaries are required to list the THC content on the packaging. However, homemade edibles won’t have standardized dosing information. So if making your own edibles, it’s important to carefully measure the amount of cannabis you use. Consuming too high a dose can lead to an intensely long, uncomfortable high that lasts much longer than intended. Starting low and going slow with edibles is the best way to maintain control over the effects.

Factors Affecting the Duration of an Edible High

The duration and intensity of an edible high can vary significantly between different individuals, even when consuming the same dose. Two key factors that impact the effects are metabolism and tolerance.


Everyone metabolizes edibles differently based on their individual body chemistry. Those with faster metabolisms generally feel the effects sooner and have a shorter overall duration. Slower metabolisms lead to a delayed onset and more prolonged effects. 

Metabolism directly impacts how quickly the body converts delta-9-THC into the more potent 11-hydroxy-THC, which passes the blood-brain barrier more readily. Faster metabolizers will reach peak levels sooner, while slower metabolizers have a longer come up.


Frequent cannabis users tend to have higher tolerances, meaning they need larger doses to achieve the same effects as someone with low tolerance. This also shortens the duration, as the body and cannabinoid receptors become accustomed to the presence of THC and CBD.

With a higher tolerance, the onset and offset of edible effects are compressed into a shorter time period. However, inexperienced users with lower tolerances may feel the effects for 6-12 hours depending on dose. Building a gradual tolerance can help moderate the duration.

Tips for Taking Edibles Responsibly

When consuming cannabis edibles, it’s important to keep safety and moderation in mind. Here are some tips for using edibles responsibly:

Start low, go slow: Begin with a low dose, especially if you’re new to edibles or have a low cannabis tolerance. It’s easier to take more later if the effects aren’t strong enough rather than taking too much initially. Aim for 5-10mg of THC as a starting dose. 

Wait for effects before redosing: Edibles can take 1-3 hours to fully kick in, so be patient. Don’t consume more until you’ve given the first dose enough time to take effect. Redosing too soon increases the risk of unpleasant side effects from too large a dose.

Have CBD on hand: Keeping some CBD oil, capsules, or edibles available can help reduce anxiety or unwanted psychoactive effects if you’ve consumed too much THC. CBD can help level out the high.

Avoid mixing with other substances: Combining edibles with alcohol or other drugs can greatly intensify the effects in unpredictable ways. It’s safest to use edibles on their own.

Don’t drive or operate machinery: Edibles can strongly impair coordination, reaction time, and judgment. Never drive, operate heavy machinery, or engage in dangerous activities while under the influence. 

Store safely: Keep edibles in childproof containers out of reach of kids and pets. Accidental ingestion can be dangerous.

Following these tips will allow you to get the benefits of edibles while minimizing risks. Moderation and planning ahead are key to a safe, enjoyable experience.

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