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A Beginner’s Guide to Smoking Prerolls

New to smoking cannabis and heard about prerolls? Surely you’re wondering what they are or how to use them—how they are popular and how you smoke them.

Prerolls are cannabis joints that come ready to smoke—no rolling required. Perfect for beginners, they take away the guesswork and hassle of preparing your joint. They eliminate the need to grind, roll, and seal cannabis on your own. Starting with a preroll means you can focus on the experience itself; lighting it up, taking the first puff, and enjoying the moment. 

You may now have a gist of what prerolls are but let’s take a closer look at what makes them a preferred choice for beginners.

What is a Preroll?

A preroll is essentially your fast track to enjoying cannabis without the fuss. It’s a joint that’s already rolled for you, packed with high-quality cannabis, and ready to smoke right out of its container. It’s perfect for beginners, for those seeking a straightforward smoking experience, or if you prefer not to bother with the intricacies of rolling your own joint. You simply need a lighter, and you’re sent to enjoy. 

Think of prerolls as your cannabis concierge, offering you potency and ease in a single, neatly rolled package. It comes in protective packaging—often glass or plastic, to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition.

Whether hand-rolled by artisans or precisely engineered by machines, each preroll promises a consistent, high-quality smoke. Simply, it’s the ideal choice for effortless, reliable cannabis consumption.

What is an Infused Preroll?

An infused roll enhances the standard smoking experience by adding a layer of intensity and flavor. Unlike regular rolls, which are straightforward rolls, infused ones mix in potent cannabinoids and aromatic terpenes from cannabis concentrates

These additions transform the preroll, increasing its potency and enriching its taste. Whether it’s the sharp kick of kief, the crystalline rush of diamonds, or the flavorful surge of terpene juice, each infused preroll offers a unique experience beyond the usual. Designed for those desiring more from their cannabis, infused prerolls provide a deeper, more vibrant exploration of cannabis’ diverse effects and aroma.

How to smoke a Preroll?

Smoking a preroll may seem daunting at first, but it’s actually straightforward once you get the hang of it. It is easy and enjoyable when you follow these steps:

  1. Remove the preroll from its container.

Start by taking your preroll out of its container—typically a protective glass tube designed to maintain the herb’s potency and structure. Check for any damage to ensure a smooth smoking experience.

  1. Identify the filter.

The filter is at one end of the preroll. It keeps the structure solid, prevents the paper form from getting soggy, and stops herb buts from entering your mouth. 

  1. Light the preroll evenly.

This step is crucial. Aim to light the preroll evenly at the tip to avoid burning it unevenly, which can waste the herb. Use a lighter and rotate the preroll as you light it, ensuring the flame touches all sides. 

  1. Inhale slowly.

Once lit, inhale gently from the filter end. For beginners, it’s better to take small breaths at first, gradually moving to longer inhales as you become more comfortable. Try to hold the smoke in your lungs for about 10 to 15 seconds to maximize THC absorption.

  1. Adjust packing if necessary.

If the preroll isn’t packed to your liking, you can gently tap it on a hard surface to settle the cannabis for a smoother burn. Avoid packing it too tightly to ensure easy smoke flow. 

  1. Enjoy your preroll.

Draw the smoke into your mouth, then inhale it along with some fresh air. This method lets you enjoy the flavor of the cannabis and can make the hit less harsh.

Sharing the moment with friends can also make it more enjoyable, giving you breaks between hits to appreciate the experience fully.

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How to light a Preroll?

Properly lighting a preroll ensures a smooth start to your smoking session. Begin by patiently lighting the tip, keeping the flame a little distance away to avoid direct contact. Gently rotate the preroll as you light it to get an even burn around the tip. Once it’s lit, take small puffs to start, which helps the preroll burn evenly from the outset.

Remember not to inhale while lighting as this can cause uneven burning and makes it hard to see how well the preroll is lighting. These steps help avoid issues like the preroll burning too quickly on one side.

How long does a Preroll last?

A preroll’s shelf life extends well beyond a single use, especially when you store it properly after an initial session. If you don’t finish your preroll in one go, its longevity hinges on how you keep it.

By placing the partially used preroll in a cool, dry spot away from direct sunlight, ideally in a joint tube, you preserve its quality and potency for future enjoyment. Properly stored, a preroll remains effective for your next session, ensuring that each puff delivers the intended experience without degradation.

Tips for Smoking Prerolls in California

When smoking prerolls in California, only smoke where it’s allowed to avoid trouble. Respect local laws and etiquette to enhance your experience. If you’re over 21, always have your ID ready when you buy prerolls. And choose trusted shops like Greenstone for the best and safest prerolls.

California can also be very dry, so be careful with fire and always throw away used prerolls safely. Try different types of prerolls to see what you like best as this state has lots of options for you to explore. Just always keep in mind to enjoy smoking prerolls safely and legally.

Where to Buy Pre-Rolls Online in California

In California and looking for pre-rolls? You’ve got plenty of options, but for those in the know, Greenstone Dispensary stands out. We offer products that meet and, mostly, exceed expectations. Our prerolls are lab-tested and pesticide-free to ensure they’re top quality and offer you the best experience every time. We’re also known for our competitive prices and great discounts to make quality cannabis accessible to more people.

Plus, we also offer same-day delivery that is smooth and reliable. We bring the best prerolls straight to your door, affording you an effortless and enjoyable cannabis shopping experience.


A preroll typically contains about half a gram to a gram of wee. This amount varies depending on the brand and size of the pre-roll offered.

The cost of a preroll ranges averagely from $5 to $20, depending on the quality of cannabis used and the dispensary. Some premium or specialty prerolls may cost more. At Greenstone, you can readily purchase top-quality prerolls for as low as $7.

The THC content in a preroll varies widely—from 10% to over 30%, depending on the cannabis strain and the concentration of THC in the flower used. To be sure, always check the label for specific THC levels.

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