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What are the Best Cannabis Strains for Boosting Energy?

One of the major misconceptions about weed is that it can make you go lame, dizzy, slow, or keep you procrastinating for long. The truth; however, is far from it.

Sure, certain variants of cannabis are known to get you numb or “stoned” for a while as you might say, but there are others that can fill you with a lot of vigor and energy for the whole day.

Types of Cannabis Strains that Give you Energy

Better known as Cannabis sativa, it is one of the two major species of the cannabis plant family that is claimed to give you a heightened sense of energy and strength.

In addition to it, it is believed to increase stamina, appetite, movement, mobility, activity, imagination, creativity, and productivity.

Cannabis Indica on the other hand, the second subspecies, is associated with feelings of calm, laid-backness, and pain relief. 

Interestingly enough, most of the cannabis strains that we can find on the street are either based on one or the other or are a crossbred hybrid of the two.

Basically, the entire cannabis plant family can be divided into two main subspecies- Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica with Cannabis Ruderalis as the third species but which rarely grows by itself due to its extremely low levels of THC ratio.

At present, there are well over 700 strains of cannabis known to mankind, with each having a different set of hundreds of compounds.

Out of all these compounds, THC and CBD are perhaps the most common. The former is famous for recreational purposes, and the latter is for medicinal use.

Both are two of the major compounds nonetheless found naturally in all the cannabis plants, albeit in different concentrations.

It is these very concentrates of cannabis compounds in a strain that decide whether or not it is meant to give you any high or offer any health benefits in the process.


While THC is infamous for causing the “high”; CBD is mainly associated with therapeutic or medical effects.

In other words, while THC may still cause some hypo-activity, hypothermia, and short-term memory loss in certain individuals; CBD does not affect your body temperature, memory, or locomotion at all.

Finding out which strain serves what purpose, therefore, depends largely on the chemical composition of the plant and not exactly the strain as such.

In general, Indica has a higher CBD (cannabinoid) level; whereas sativa professes a higher THC content.

With that said, let us turn our attention to some of the best cannabis strains that can pump you up with full energy. 

1. Durban Poison

Nicknamed the “espresso” of cannabis, the Durban Poison strain was first found in the late 1970s in the port city of Durban, South Africa. Hence, the name!

Known for uplifting the mood and creating feelings of happiness,  Durban Poison is an energetic sativa strain that gives you a clear-headed mindset for indulging in any type of activity, especially instilling creativity.

2. Green Crack

Another strain that is quite popular among energetic cannabis strains is none other than the green crack.

Also known as Green Crush or Mango Crack, it is a highly potent strain of C. Sativa that is made by breeding ‘skunk #1’ or ‘sinsemilla’ with an unknown strain of Indica. 

The result is a kick like no other which will keep you going for hours and hours of productivity, interaction, and laughter.

3. Sour Diesel

Named after its strong and peculiar smell, Sour D, or Sour Deez, is an award-winning hybrid strain of Cannabis Sativa that is made by crossing Chemdawg with Super Skunk.

Widely used for treating depression and anxiety, Sour D is known for its instant dreamy, cerebral, and energizing effect. 

Want to try something that can keep you up on your toes all day? Well, look no further than Sour D for an ultimate head-high.

4. Jack Herer

Another Sativa-dominant strain that is too good to ignore due to its supposed hyperactivity is Jack Herer.

Known by many names including The Jack, JH, Premium Jack, or Platinum Jack, it is a hybrid strain of Shiva Skunk and Northern Light # 5 blended with a Haze hybrid strain.

Jack Herer also has a perfectly balanced taste which makes it ideal for beginners and casual lovers of cannabis. Best if you are looking for some explosive energy or a feeling of happiness and creativity.

5. Super Silver Haze

Next up, we have the all too famous “Super Silver Haze” which is known for its high THC levels of 20-24% and unparalleled potency.

Made by crossing Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze, Super Silver Haze has a smooth and rich flavor that combines intense levels of pleasure, long-lasting high, peak energy, and a different perception towards life.

No wonder it is one of the strongest Sativa strains in the cannabis market and maybe even the best.

6. XJ-13

Another champion in terms of energy-boosting cannabis strains is XJ-13. Also referred to as XJ13 or XK Thirteen, it is a hybrid of Jack Herer and G13 Haze.

Known for its therapeutic effects and a heightened sense of gaiety, XJ-13 stimulates creativity, and interaction, and removes mood-related symptoms such as stress and depression.

With a strong citric aroma and a punch of earthy pine, XJ13 is a perfect way to start your day without getting overwhelmed by its constant euphoric sound.

So to answer your question.

What’s the most energetic sativa strain?

There is no easy way to answer it as the energy levels of even the purest of sativa strains vary greatly depending on a lot of factors other than their potency.

Some of the rather important ones include the taste, aroma, growing difficulties, and flowering time.

If you look at the one that is easier to grow indoors, then your safest bet would be Silver Haze. If you want to get something for an instant power surge, look no further than Pineapple Express.

In any case, be vary of its usage whether you’re releasing fatigue or boosting energy.

How to use weed to boost energy?

  • Start slow and gradually increase the dosage.
  • Beware of cottonmouth/ dry mouth or dry eyes.
  • Watch out for signs of paranoia.
  • Refrain from catching dizziness and headaches.
  • Avoid relying on cannabis too heavily.
  • Eat plenty of food and fruits especially after consuming cannabis.

Should you see any adverse effects when using any of these energy-boosting cannabis strains, stop immediately and switch to another.

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