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Top Selling Cannabis Brands

Top Selling Brands of Greenstone

Wanting the best for your buck, but not quite sure where to start? We’re all too familiar with that feeling.

Hence, we create this go-to guide that will introduce you to the legends of our shelves—the brands that have not only caught our attention but have managed to captivate our hearts (and lungs) as well. From the pioneers of the industry to the new kids on the block, they’ve carved this niche in our community—and for all the right reasons.

Thus, read further and you’ll discover why these brands have risen above the rest, serving as the gold standard in cannabis—or at least in our reputable store.


With over a whopping hundred products on our shelf, STIIIZY’s certainly not shy about showing up and standing out. It’s the brand that’s been lighting up conversations, and well, evenings, for many of our customers.

While STIIIZY is known for its premium products—-flowers, concentrates, pre-rolls, vape pens, sleek accessories, and more, what truly captures the hearts of customers is the brand’s essence: inclusivity.

Imagine a brand that vibes with a college student pulling an all-nighter, or a veteran looking to relax or try something new. STIIIZY welcomes each one of them with open arms. The brand gets that cannabis, in its heart, is a unifying force. So through it, they advocate for empathy, unity, and breaking barriers, both societal and personal.

Here’s the best part: STIIIZY is committed to shattering the old-age stigmas surrounding cannabis. At Greenstone, we respect that kind of ambition. So if you’re looking for more than just a high—-but an experience, an evolution, a movement…well. You know now where to look.

Glass House Farms

Another brand that’s been setting our sales charts on fire is the Glass House Farms. Aside from tried and tested products, our community just can’t get enough of this brand because it’s a homage to a rich cultivation legacy that dates back to the 1960’s.

When our customers pick up their products like Mango Mintality or Papaya Cake, they aren’t just getting a product; they’re securing a slice of history blended with top-tier quality. Their strains are nothing short of a delightful roster, with everything from the uplifting vibes of Donny Burger #5 to the serene undertones of Larry Bird and Mac 1.

Their unwavering commitment to the community and the environment also makes them a customer favorite. From championing sustainable, state-of-the-art greenhouse practices to being actively involved in the betterment of the Central Coats, Glass House Farms is a brand with a soul. So, every time our customers light up their crop, they’re experiencing more than just a high-quality product.


Now, the third on our top-selling list is CBD LIVING. You may have wandered into our shop, spotted a product from them, and wondered, “What’s the big deal with this brand?” Well, here’s the explanation.

CBD Living commits to pure sophistication, unmatched quality, and scientific excellence. How? Well, enter nanotechnology. Thanks to their unique manufacturing process, CBD molecules are shrunk down to nano-sized droplets, making them super efficient for our bodies to absorb. With an impressive 90% bioavailability, you’re getting a more potent punch per drop. Whether it’s their tincture, vapes, or those delicious gummies, the efficacy is hard to beat.

The story behind CBD Living is also as refreshing as their mint. This brand emerged in the sunny climes of Corona, California in 2013 from a simple quest: to bridge the gap between advertised claims and the real benefits of CBD.

Fast forward to today, they’re no longer just a brand but a CBD revolution.

Heavy Hitters

Another brand that found a sweet spot on our top-selling list is Heavy Hitter—a brand that truly lives up to its name.

Hailing from California and steeped in over two decades of cannabis tradition, they’ve finessed the art of delivering that much-craved purity in a puff. No shortcuts, no substitutes! Heavy Hitter has maintained their family-owned charm while evolving with the industry. Every vape is a testament to their dedication, while their effect-driven gummies have our customers raving about fast-acting energy boosts and serene night slumbers.

With a product range as diverse as theirs—from the heaviest-hitting joints to beverages brimming with 100% liquid Trichomes, it’s clear why they’re a Greenstone favorite. Newbies, enthusiasts, weekend chillers—there’s a product that just fits right. Hence, their recommendations and reviews have put the brand on our top-selling pedestal.

Heavy Hitters’ expansive reach truly echoes their mission—top-quality cannabis for all.

Pacific Stone

If you find yourself caught in the moment while lighting up and think, “This, right here, is the soul of California,” it’s probably Pacific Stone you’re puffing on. Founded in the vibrant heart of the 805, it’s no surprise this brand has become California’s go-to for best-selling flowers year after year. Such is also the reason this brand is concluding our list.

Pacific Stone provides premium smokes without burning a hole in yoru pocket. That right here is the top reason it’s a beloved pick on our shelves. They blend tradition and innovations, with their sixth-generation Dutch greenhouse know-how making every flower burst with those cherished terpenes and cannabinoids. And being family-owned, they genuinely care about what they grow.

When a brand consistently bags titles’ like “Leaflink’s Top-Selling Brand” and dominates the Weedmap’s Top 10, they’re not just good; they’re the best. Simply, it’s the brand you pick when you want the true spirit of California wrapped up in a pre-roll or flower.


We hope this guide has been the compass you needed in these vast and confusing choices of cannabis.

The fab five of Greenstone that have been making waves in our cannabis community—each brand, with its unique ethos and unwavering commitment to quality. This exemplifies what we love about this industry. The stories of these brands remind us that behind every puff, there’s a tale of passion, dedication, and a whole lot of love.

These brands have set the bar high, but the true connoisseur—really, is you. So as you journey forward with cannabis, armed with a bit more knowledge, always trust your preferences and keep exploring the finest cannabis has to offer.

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