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Green Rush Savings: Dive into the Hottest 5 Weed Products on Sale Now!

Ever found yourself staring at your screen, indecisive about which cannabis product to add to your cart? The dilemma is real—one we experienced ourselves, especially with the myriad of intriguing choices at your dinger tips. Try buying weed online in CA; the quest for the best becomes much harder. 

Hence, once again, we sift through the abundance and bring you the top five premium products this week. So buckle up as we bring you the second installation of our Canna-Picks series. 


Mary's Medicinals - The Remedy 1:1 CBN/CBD - 400mg

This week, the incredibly soothing Remedy 1:1 CBN/CBD tincture by Mary’s Medicinals is kicking off our Canna-Picks list. Packing a total of 400mg (200mg CBN: 200mg CBD), this THC-free formulation offers a relaxing experience in a citrus-vanilla flavor that dances on the palate.

What sets this product apart is its unique blend of CBN and CBD. These two cannabinoids enhance each other’s calming properties, providing a serene effect with minimized psychoactivity. It’s an ideal choice for those looking for relaxation without the heavy head high often associated with cannabis. 

Easy to use with its measured dropper, you can start with as little as 0.25mL under the tongue. Feel its soothing effects in as quick as 15 minutes, which can last up to 3-5 hours. With 54 doses packed in each bottle, this tincture invests towards calmer, more balanced days.

Space Gem CBD Gummy 1:1 - (10 pack)

The second entry on our Canna-Picks list brings a burst of flavors with the Space Gem CBD Gummies. This 10-pack edible treat is a beautiful medley of vegan gummies that aren’t just about the CBD; they’re an adventure for the taste buds, too, featuring an assortment of natural, rainbow flavors.

All of Space Gem’s products are handmade in Humboldt County using organic, vegan ingredients, natural flavors and colors, and a whole lot of love. This unwavering commitment to quality and integrity sets them apart from their competitors.

Their unique process involves using ice water hash or bubble hash, a technique that separates trichomes and isolates the resin in cannabis without the use of solvents. This results in a cleaner, more refined hash that’s not only healthier but also delivers a consistent, elevated experience with every gummy.

Heavenly Sweet - Fall To Pieces Treat - 100mg

Next on our Canna-Picks showcase is a delightful seasonal treat, the Heavenly Sweet’s Fall To Pieces Treat. This edible masterpiece is a festival of flavors—perfectly encapsulating the sweet essence of fall.

Imagine classic and chocolate rice cereals paired with candy-coated peanut butter pieces—all wrapped up in a sweet marshmallow mixture. As if that wasn’t enticing enough, each treat is topped off with a layer of dark chocolate and a vibrant orange swirl. It’s not just a treat; it’s an experience!

The product’s package also includes a cutting guide, ensuring a consistent and manageable experience with each serving. But remember, this is a seasonal offering, so you should grab yours while you can!

Blaze Mota - Chauffeur - 3.5 Grams

Taking the fourth spot on our list this week is the striking Chauffeur Flowers by Blaze Mota. Bred by Phinest Cannabis, this hybrid is a successful cross between the renowned Wedding Cake and Daily Driver strains.

Chauffeur doesn’t just deliver an impressive 31.39% THC content; it’s an aromatic delight, offering a refreshing, sweet aroma that complements its attractive pink and purple bud structure. The unique blend of berry and earthy notes, combined with flowery undertones, make this strain a treat for both the nose and palate.

But Chauffer isn’t just about the flavor and aroma. This strain offers a variety of effects that may uplift your spirits and motivate your mind. This makes it ideal for those days when you need a little help staying productive. The happy and hungry effects also make it a fun choice for a relaxing evening.

Mother Tree - Pancakes #8 - JAR - 3.5 Grams

And concluding our Canna-Picks list this week is a potent flower that’s as comforting as its name suggests: Pancakes #8 from Mother Tree. With an impressive THC content of 28.34%, this strain is ready to deliver a robust and enveloping high that will make you sit up and take notice. 

The Pancakes #8 strain, stored in a 3.5-gram jar, promises an experience that’s as satisfying and comforting as enjoying a warm stack of pancakes. And that’s because Mother Tree’s dedication to producing high-quality, potent cannabis is guaranteed. 

So whether you’re a seasoned cannabis connoisseur or just starting your expiration, this product has the potency and quality to make it a worthy addition to your cannabis collection. Give it a try for it could be the perfect end to your quest for the ultimate cannabis strain. 

To Wrap It Up

And voila—another week of handpicked cannabis gems to enhance your experience!

And as you explore these premium selections, keep in mind that every product offers a unique journey into the world of cannabis. The variety is vast—from the soothing Indica strains and the invigorating Sativas to the balanced Hybrids. If you’re intrigued by these categories and want a deeper dive into their differences, check out this blog

With every Canna-Picks, we hope to elevate your experience. Stay tuned for next week’s top picks, and—as always, happy exploring!

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