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Weekly Showcase of Top-Selling Cannabis Products

Imagine it’s Friday evening after a long week. You were looking forward to this day to finally relax so you just want to grab the perfect cannabis product to top off the day. Yet, as you browse our online store, your cursor just hovers—indecisive on which product to pick.

We’re so glad you found us because helping you choose the cannabis product to complete your weekend is our goal. Each week, we delve into the choices made by our diverse community—from those seeking relaxation to the adventurous ones exploring new highs. Our list spans from flavor-packed edibles and soothing CBD drinks to potent flowers and concentrates—painting a vivid picture of what Californians love when  they buy weed online in CA.

Froot - Sour Watermelon Gummy - 100mg

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Froot’s Sour Watermelon Gummy packs a punch with its tangy flavor—sending tastebuds on a whirl this week at Greenstone. 

Despite having 0% THC, these edibles stand out, providing a guilt-free indulgence for those seeking a non-psychoactive cannabis experience. Every 100mg packet, thoughtfully divided into convenient doses, offers a harmonious blend of sweet and sour that you can enjoy anytime. Each gummy is carefully crafted, ensuring quality and consistency. 

This week, customers have been flocking to its unique and refreshing watermelon flavor. It’s a sure nod to these joyful days of summer. 

SunSmoke - Hybrid Blend - Pre-Ground Flower - 28 Grams

This week’s 2nd star has been SunSmoke’s Hybrid Blend, a pre-ground flower. It packs a potent 29.5% THC punch and comes from  California’s sunny coastal farm.

What you get is a top-notch hybrid blend at a very fair price. This hybrid blend is a balance of the best strains, giving you both a relaxed body feel and a clear, uplifted mind. You’ll enjoy how well it works and the balance between chill and alertness it gives. 

With this blend, you’re getting the warm California sun, cool coastal vibes, and top-quality cannabis all in one. It’s no wonder it’s among this week’s favorites.

STIIIZY - Blue Burst - 1 Gram

STIIIZY‘s Blue Burst has also been a hit this week. This 1-gram vape pen, with an impressive 86.52% THC content, promises a potent youtube balanced experienced. 

Many of you have been captivated by its unique blueberry flavor—blending sweetness with a tangy taste. It’s like having a blue gummy in every puff, offering an irresistible juicy burst of flavor. It provides a well-rounded high, leaving you feeling both happy and relaxed, yet also uplifted. 

Blue Burst manages to tick all the boxes—tastes, effect, and potency. With this, you’re not just vaping—you’re embarking on a flavorful journey while achieving the perfect state of mind and body relaxation.

Zips - Girl Scout Cookies - Crumble - 1 Gram

Another one that’s making waves this week is Zips’ Girl Scout Cookies Crumble. This potent concentrate, with a solid THC content of 76.96%, is celebrated for its consistency and quality.

The 1-gram offering is a testament to how little can go a long way, as a small amount provides a full-bodied and satisfying experience. This crumble takes the essence of the beloved GirlmSCout Cookies strain and concentrates it—bringing you a rich, immersive experience that many of you have enjoyed. It’s not just about the potency; the unique flavor profile brings an added layer of enjoyment to each use.

Zips’ Girl Scout Cookies Crumble is a standout in its category as it offers you a chance to enjoy a premium product that’s as pleasurable as it is potent.

CBD Living - Peach Honey Sparkling Water - 12oz - 25mg

And rounding out this week’s Pick is CBD Living’s Peach Honey Sparkling Water. Thai refreshing beverage has been a favorite among those looking for a THC-free cannabis experience,

Each 12oz can contains 25mg of broad-spectrum nano hemp extract CBD. This unique formulation utilizes nanotechnology to enhance bioavailability—meaning, you’re getting the most out of each sip. But it’s not just about CBD; the peach honey flavor has been a hit, adding a sweet and tangy twist to your hydration routine. Made with 100% organic hemp from licensed farms in Oregon and Colorado, this sparkling water is not only vegan and gluten-free but also certified Kosher. It’s also non-GMO and proudly made in the USA.

CBD Living’s Peach Honey Sparking Water is a refreshing and invigorating way to incorporate CBD into your daily routine—making it a deserved favorite this week. 



And that’s it for this week’s Canna-Picks! From tasty edibles and refreshing drinks to powerful concentrates and vape pens, your favorites have reflected the diverse range of top-quality, THC and CBD products on offer. This also shows that our selection is sure to cater to your preferences.

If you’ve ever wondered about the duration of these experiences, especially how long a weed high can last, you can check one of our blogs, “How Long Does a Weed High Last?” It’s packed with insights that should enhance your understanding of cannabis.

We’ll catch you next week with another batch of popular picks, keeping you informed and connected to your Greenstone favorites.

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